Pirate Piercing Turnhout will close earlier today!

Dear Pirates,

since the male part of the Pirate Crew are huge punkrock fans, the boys will be attending a small festival this saturday (05/08/2017). This will cause our ships to close up a bit earlier than usual.

Turnhout will close its doors at 4pm (16.00u) so make sure you drop by in time for all your piercing needs/questions/consults. 
Antwerp will be open until 6pm (18.00u) like always, but we will only be piercing until 4pm (16.00u). Piercing purchases, consults and appointment making will all be possible until closing time.

We will be back and serving you again on monday in Turnhout and tuesday in Antwerp!

skate on!


Pirate Piercing Crew